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Small companies perform better on the stock market in the long term than large ones. Affordably valued companies develop better than the market. These are just two of the insights that the financial world has poured into factors and made available to you in the form of Smart Beta ETFs at a reasonable price. All you need to know about this interesting topic, you'll find in this newsletter.

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What is a Smart Beta ETF?

What is a Smart Beta ETF?

A product that tries to combine the best of passive and active investing sounds too good to be true, but is it? Here’s what you need to know.

The best ETFs for European Small Cap Stocks

This Investment Guide for European small cap stocks will help you navigate between the peculiarities of the EURO STOXX Small, MSCI EMU Small Cap, MSCI Europe Small Cap, STOXX Europe Small 200 and the ETFs tracking them.
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The best ETFs for European Small Cap Stocks

Tutorial: Portfolio overview

The portfolio overview page gives access to all your portfolios and savings plans. Besides the current monitoring status, you see the YTD change.
Tutorial: Portfolio overview

Market Radar

Equities4W chart52W low/highin 20201 month
Developed Markets6.51%2.78%
Emerging Markets1.57%-2.37%
Pacific ex Japan3.76%-1.05%
German Government Bonds0.86%0.73%
European Government Bonds2.44%2.15%
European Corporate Bonds1.08%0.99%
Gold in Euro9.78%5.69%
Commodity Basket-3.37%-3.00%
Change in % per 18.02.20 in Euro. Based on the largest ETF/ETC on the index.
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The Best Country ETFs

 Country1 month
3United States3.69%
World map
Change in % per 18.02.20 in Euro. Based on the largest ETF/ETC on the index.
Best/worst performers

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