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Following the acquisition of ComStage, Lyxor has streamlined its fund range. Some funds were closed. We explain in our new article what it means for you when an ETF is closed.

Tax regulations can be quite confusing. We guide you through the jungle of ETF taxation in the UK.

Furthermore, you can learn about the hottest upcoming megatrends and find out how you can filter for exciting investment themes using a new function in the justETF search.

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ETF closing down – what now?

ETF closing down – what now?

Time and again, ETFs are merged or liquidated. What you need to know when your ETF is closing down or being merged.

How ETFs are taxed in the UK

Understand how ETFs are taxed to aid tax planning and to ensure you don’t accidentally report the wrong level of taxation on your annual tax return.
How ETFs are taxed in the UK

Megatrends: How to align your ETF portfolio with global developments

Megatrends are the major global forces disrupting and reshaping our world. From technological innovation to demographic change to geopolitical shifts in power, you can surf these megatrends using ETFs.
Megatrends: How to align your ETF portfolio with global developments

New: How to invest in Cybersecurity ETFs

With our new investment guide, you will find the best cybersecurity ETFs and benefit from the ongoing development in IT security.
New: How to invest in Cybersecurity ETFs

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Equities4W chart52W low/highin 20201 month
Developed Markets2.74%1.78%
Emerging Markets1.03%5.02%
Pacific ex Japan-6.44%0.57%
UK Government Bonds9.18%0.81%
UK Corporate Bonds5.43%2.16%
Gold in GBP26.64%3.18%
Commodity Basket-21.09%-0.57%
Change in % per 22/07/20 in GBP. Based on the largest ETF/ETC on the index.
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