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Commodity and real estate ETFs recently performed significantly better than gold, which was unable to continue its high after the all-time high at the beginning of August. In contrast, commodities have posted gains of more than 13% in the last six months, outperforming even developed market equities. While ETFs may cover a basket of commodities, there are no ETFs on single commodities like oil or gold. Why is that? We'll explain.

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Exchange-traded commodities: What is an ETC?

Exchange-traded commodities: What is an ETC?

An exchange-traded commodity (ETC) enables you to invest in single commodities and precious metals.
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Find the best Commodity ETFs

Investing in commodities is considered risky. However, from a diversification perspective it can be interesting. This guide will help you navigate among the peculiarities of the most important commodity indices
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Find the best Commodity ETFs

Find the best Innovation ETFs

Gaining new insights through research and using them to develop and implement new technologies is part of the business model of many companies. Find all ETFs that allow you to invest in innovative technologies.
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Find the best Innovation ETFs

Professional portfolio planning mode

Create a professional ETF portfolio using the various options of the professional planning mode of our Portfolio Builder.
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Professional portfolio planning mode

Market Radar

Equities4W chart52W low/highin 20211 month
Developed Markets4.04%4.99%
Emerging Markets10.11%12.36%
Pacific ex Japan6.50%7.12%
German Government Bonds-0.26%-0.40%
European Government Bonds-0.69%-0.72%
European Corporate Bonds-0.17%-0.15%
Gold in Euro-0.23%-0.30%
Commodity Basket5.08%6.80%
Change in % per 21.01.21 in Euro. Based on the largest ETF/ETC on the index.
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The Best Country ETFs

 Country1 month
1South Korea18.21%
4Hong Kong14.25%
World map
Change in % per 21.01.21 in Euro. Based on the largest ETF/ETC on the index.
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