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Inflation is unsettling investors. In the UK, the monthly inflation rate in June was 2.5% higher than the previous year's period. However, the central banks are still taking a cool-headed view of the situation. And that's exactly how you should take it: A long-term equity investment, combined with the compound interest effect, is a powerful weapon against inflation. Because a well-diversified ETF portfolio also provides the necessary return in the long run to counter a rise in the price level.

Rising energy prices are providing the radiant comeback of an asset class that has tended to disappoint in recent years: commodities. We show you how you can invest in commodities easily and cost-effectively with ETFs.

Not all limited resources are represented by commodity ETFs. However, you can also invest in more specialised topics such as water with ETFs. In our investment guide, we introduce you to the available water ETFs.

Furthermore, read what you should keep in mind about currency risk and what pitfalls there are when measuring performance.

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Commodity investing with ETFs - An Introduction

Commodity investing with ETFs - An Introduction

With ETFs, you have the opportunity to invest cost-effectively in a broad basket of commodities. We explain why commodity ETFs can be a useful addition to your portfolio and what you should bear in mind.

Handling ETF currency risk

ETFs invested in overseas securities expose you to currency risk. We explain this risk and how you can protect yourself.
Handling ETF currency risk

Avoiding performance pitfalls

We explain the main performance pitfalls and the most important differences between various calculation methods, so that you know you’re always comparing apples to apples.
Avoiding performance pitfalls

Investing in water ETFs

Water ETFs offer access to companies active in various areas of the water sector. Get to know the best ones.
Learn more
Investing in water ETFs

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Equities4W chart52W low/highin 20211 month
Developed Markets13.88%3.10%
Emerging Markets3.46%0.28%
Pacific ex Japan8.52%0.75%
UK Government Bonds-3.18%3.11%
UK Corporate Bonds-2.10%1.77%
Gold in GBP-4.94%3.25%
Commodity Basket26.95%4.88%
Change in % per 22/07/2021 in GBP. Based on the largest ETF/ETC on the index.
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 Country1 month
3United States4.31%
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Change in % per 22/07/2021 in GBP. Based on the largest ETF/ETC on the index.
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